If you're reading this I'm going to go ahead and stop you immediately.

I have absolutely 0 intention of telling you reasons you should delay starting your business.

In fact, shame on you for clicking on this article, and wanting someone to tell you to quit your dream.

Nevertheless I'm glad you are here.

Look here's the truth, if you took the time to start to read this it means you are having hesitations about whether starting your business now is the right move. I've been there, in fact, I still come across these hesitations but that's perfectly okay.

The fact is, you may always have these hesitations creep up on you.

The trick is to be able to work in spite of them. 

In all honesty, if you had a strong enough reason for not starting your business you wouldn't have clicked on this article. You would already know without a doubt that it wasn't right, but because you are here, it is proof enough that now is the time to get started. Now is the time to work through your doubts. Obstacles will come and you WILL learn how to work despite of these challenges. 

Don't let this article be another snack your internet information binge. Let this article be the pivotal point in which YOU CHOOSE to take action right NOW.  So let's talk.

Fake Reasons You Aren't Ready to Start Your Biz


It's not the right time

  • The kids are too young, you just want to enjoy motherhood.
  • Life is too busy, maybe when you can cut your work hours down to part time.
  • Starting a business is pricey, once you are able to invest more money into your business. 

All of the above are perfectly legitimate reasons.... and they are also all excuses.

See here's the problem. If you have to justify urge to live the life you want and start your business just to console yourself then you truly are doing no one any favors. 

You and I both know this one truth. Timing will NEVER be perfect. If you are waiting for "better" time now then get comfortable with a lot of waiting and even more regret. Look you owe it to yourself, get started NOW! Face the obstacles. You are a bad ass, you can handle the challenge can't you? People have carved a path towards success with less resources then you have right now, time included. 

Grin and grit girl. Learn to hone in on your lady grit, and grin through all the bad and hard parts knowing that every challenge you choose to face, and that every moment you choose not to quit or worse...wait means that you are bound for dreams to come true. 


  • Write down all the reasons why the timing doesn't feel right
    (e.g. my kids are young, my job is too demanding, my husband wouldn't support me)
  • Write down underlaying emotional worries
    (e.g. I always miss my family, and already feel like we don't have enough quality time. I don't want my family to suffer if I take on something new.  I'm falling behind at work and feeling drained. My husband is really concerned about what life would be like if I start a business. 
  • Reflect & Address those obstacles
  • (e.g. My kids are young but what really concerns me is missing out on them growing up if I'm too consumed with my new business.
    My work is demanding but I also spend a lot of time working at home and taking on extra projects I could easily delegate.
    My husband isn't supportive but he doesn't understand entrepreneurship and doesn't know how important his support would be. He is also concerned about the extra workload he will have to take on with the house and kids.)
  • Write down tangible changes you can make
    (e.g. I could block out time specifically for quality time with my kids and only work during times I set aside for work.
    I will decline taking on extra unnecessary projects and take up the chance to delegate. I will be more intentional with my time at work, in effort to not waste time and avoid having to complete work tasks at home.
    My husband and I haven't had the chance to discuss my entrepreneur goals, I will make dedicated time to share my plans with him and hear his concerns. We will regularly reflect and discuss ways we can improve harmony and balance.)



I need to learn more

Do you ever notice the deep satisfaction you get when you stumble across a really helpful article suddenly teaching you something you "needed" before you started your business. You feel so prepared, inspired, productive. 

Hate to be the one to break it to you but those fluffy happy feelings are bullsh*t. Sorry! I know it feels good. I feel that way too BUT in this day and age information is everywhere.

Smart or not, binging on information is no more productive than binging on Netflix. 

It's easy to want to feed into our hunger for more information but here's the thing.

Without action, information is just empty calories, and binging on it won’t nourish your dreams.
— Cora, Joy Creature


  • Write down a running list of ALL things you need to learn
  • Mark "F" next to foundation items. 
    These are things which are absolutely essential to start, I mean bare bones necessary?
  • Mark "S" next to support items.
    These are things are extremely useful towards creating a strong start? These are not absolutely essential, but will make a big impact in the start of your business. 
  • Mark "E" next to enhancer items. 
    These are items that aren't necessary to start nor extremely impactful for strengthening your start but can enhance your business at some point.


MY goals are selfish

I like the word selfish.

Yep, in fact, I feel really proud of the moments I am selfish with my goals.  If you feel your goals are selfish, congratulations!  You are on the right track.

As women and mothers we are compelled to nurture others. Without blinking we will make a personal sacrifice at the opportunity to help a loved one but when it comes to doing something for our self goals we hesitate and contemplate.

I urge you to fight the instinct to take care of everyone else first. Remember that all of these goals centered towards self have huge benefits that will trickle down to all of those people you love but you'll never get there if you don't put on your own oxygen mask first. 

How functional can any entrepreneur be if they stop in their tracks every time someone else can possibly benefit from their help? 

That is a TON of distractions. 

If you don't commit to your own goals and the action items necessary to get there then you will spend your entire life at the beck and call of others.

You absolutely must block out time for your business and COMMIT to it!

When you first start out as an entrepreneur you will likely fit the role of both the boss AND the employee. As a boss you must task yourself. As an employee you must meet your task deadlines. 

In a traditional 9-5, not doing your job just gets you fired. You can still look for another job. In entrepreneurship, not doing your job means you killing your dream over and over.
— Cora, Joy Creature


  • List the number one thing that leaves you with the most guilt
  • Reflect on the source of this guilt and decide whether this is "healthy guilt" or "unproductive guilt" and jot down any feelings
  • Decide action you can take towards alleviate guilt
  • List reasons guilt is not warranted and why you should
  • List something good that can come from the "selfish" thing you feel guilty about

i don't have the personality

I'm not disciplined.
I'm bad at managing my time.
I'm too introverted. 
Does stuff like that sound familiar? Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Either way, it is irrelevant! 

There are millions of entrepreneurs out there doing well and lovin' what they do and you know what, they don't all have the same personality! Do you think there isn't an person out there who started a business that is doing well and ISN'T an introvert? Bad with time? Not disciplined? 

Look, first if part of your personality is holding you back, change it! Yes, your personality is 100% a choice. If not, learn to work around it!

Are you bad with your time? Learn ways to manage your time or solicit someone to help you stay timely.

You are introverted? Fake it til you make it and get out there when you need to! OR craft a business that can do well inspite of introverted tendancies. 

Look, all I'm saying is there are plenty of personality types you could model after. You don't need to aim for perfection to get started. You also don't need to feel stuck in your personality habits either.


  • 1 part of your personality you draw strength fro in entrepreneurship
  • 1 personality feature you wish you had
  • Something you could do to work towards personality habits you wish you had
  • In the AM think about this personality habit and write ways you will implement small habits to build this into your personality. In the PM reflect on how you did.