Don’t let Motherhood Break You

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Decluttering is dangerous, here's why.... 

Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with too much kids stuff. No matter how hard we try we drown in it...
we declutter

Then come birthdays, holidays, hand-me-downs. It adds up so...

we declutter
We spend all day cleaning out, and countless hours daily tidying up. Then we blink and once again its time so...

we declutter

When does it STOP? 


I can help you end the cycle.


Don't waste any more time or energy on the coo-coo clutter cycle.
There are 3 things you MUST do BEFORE you detox & purge your junk.
Stay tuned. I'll be sharing those 3 things along with my formulas, workbook, and guides for curating your life. 

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cull the closet

save your sanity

Kids capsule closet course

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Hi, I'm cora! 

This doesn’t have to be heard. I’ll take you through each step. Don’t wait another day! The best time to start is RIGHT NOW.

 I help bad Ass Moms make BIG ASS Changes

Here's How

    • I DO NOT B.S. you with meaningless made up numbers like keep only "10-12 shirts" or "2-3" swimsuits 

    • I DO NOT dictate insanely generalized rules for dressing your kid like "only shop for the new season" or "stick to one color palette" 

    • I DO NOT strip you down to the bare essentials or preach extreme minimalism. 

    • I DO NOT live with sunny delusions of always over 60°  weather, kids who keep clean, (do they exist?), or  unrealistic clothing budgets. 

    • I DO help you discover YOUR OWN ideal numbers using a very strategic process using personality patterns and Pinterest. 
    • I DO teach you ways to construct the clothing criteria which makes sense for you and your unique family
    • I DO help you embrace simplicity & intentionalism, your focus will be setting standards (not having less)
    • I DO live in Montana. My kids get dirty in our urban, really dirty, and budget? Ya...I have a secret weapon for that too. Don't sweat it, I'll share. 

    Step 1: Diagnose


    What would you think if you went to the doctor's for chronic pain and before you even signed in, they threw a prescription bottle at you and sent you on your way. No vitals, no exam, just prescription and bye Felicia...

    That's crazy talk, right?
    Everyone talking about capsule wardrobes is ready to tell us what to throw out and what to keep. (Prescription smacks forehead) 

    How the heck are they helping if they don't know what the problem is?
    I have a  more holistic approach. I get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

    There are no one size fits all approaches, no temporary fixes.
    My  formulas & step by step system reveals the EXACT solutions & plans for you.

    Cure the closet clutter!

    Step 2: Formulate

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    This part is fun!
    Now that you've diagnosed the problems in you know 3 important things: 

    1. Mistakes you made
    2. Your shopping habits and triggers
    3. Your personal 'Base Items' aka essentials

    The next thing to do is develop your style. 

    Pinterest + F.U.N Formula = Perfect Style Vision Board

    Whether you have a strong sense of self style or feel completely lost I will help you refine this down to an art!

    We put together your 'Perfect Style Vision Board' to formulate your key criteria which will be your hot shopping tool. 

    You'll thank me later :) 

    STEP 3: Curate

    When looking to simplify our lives, I believe the wardrobe holds more power than one would at first believe. 

    What is one of the first things people do each day? 

    • Put on our clothing? 

    What is one of the most common ways people express their personalities?

    • Our clothing

    What is one of the biggest influencers of the first impression we give?

    • Our clothing

    The list goes on! The fact is clothing affects many facets of our lives, and we live in a fast fashion world where it is easy to make bad choices because there are SO MANY OF THEM everywhere we go.

    I will help you craft a wardrobe that is both functional and fun AND show you how to keep your wardrobe carefully curated by developing life long skills.

    Believe me when I say, these skills will go far beyond your closet.